What is a maker space?

If you want to know more about the Otley Maker Space, then the simplest thing is to come along to one of our Sessions. The calendar page shows when the next session is running. Come along, say hello and find out what we are all about.

If you would like to continue and start using the facilities of the Otley Maker Space, you will need to sign up for one of the various tiers of membership explained below. Once you have signed up and become a member, you will be given a basic induction into the workings of the Otley Maker Space. Devices like the power tools, the 3D printer and the sewing machines, will require a separate induction to make sure you know how to use them safely.

You are then free to come in whenever your membership allows and use any tools or equipment that you have been inducted onto. Storage for members' ongoing projects is available but space is limited. You will need to supply all your own materials for anything you want to make. That said, we have a stash of offcuts, nuts and bolts, screws and electronic components you can help yourself to.

Members are free to bring children as their guests to the Maker Space. They must be supervised on the basis of one child to one paying member and they will not be allowed to use certain, more hazardous equipment.

There are four tiers of membership. All payments are made to the Otley Courthouse. To arrange payments please contact admin@otleymakerspace.co.uk.

Full Members
  • Access to the Otley Maker Space between 09:00 and 21:00 .
  • Must be a Key Holder.
  • £30 / month (standing order), £330 if a year paid in advance (one month free).
  • Access to the Otley Maker Space during the four session times each week. Sessions are run at the following times: Tuesday (09:00-13:00), Wednesday (19:00-22:00), Thursday (13:00-17:00), Saturday (09:00-13:00).
  • £20 / month (standing order), £220 if a year paid in advance (one month free).
Half Members
  • Access to the Otley Maker Space during two sessions each week. Session times as above.
  • £10 / month (standing order), £110 if a year paid in advance (one month free).
Pay as you make
  • Access to the Otley Maker Space on a session by session basis. Session times as above.
  • Visitors will need to be inducted into the use of equipment in the same way as other members.
  • £5 / session paid in cash on arrival at each session.

Key Holders

Members who wish to become more involved in the running of the Otley Maker Space may want to consider becoming Key Holders. These members are given access keys, alarm codes, help host sessions and are encouraged to join the organisational committee. We may ask potential Key Holders to provide references.