Full membership £20 per month
Concessionary membership £10 per month

Your first month of membership is free as a way to test out the Otley Maker Space. In addition paying members enjoy a £5 discount on any tickets purchased for our workshops.

Full membership rules

  1. Membership is £20 per month.
    1. New members will be offered a one month free membership starting on the day they join.
    2. A month of free membership will only be offered once to each person irrespective of the number of times they join.
    3. Thereafter members will be requested to set up a standing order to pay their dues.
    4. New members will be considered for Keyholder access once they have: 
      1. Set up a standing order to pay their monthly dues.
      2. Accumulated six attendances.
      3. Been vouched for by two current Keyholders
    5. New members can either attend during our sessions (see 2.1) or by organising on Slack for a Keyholder member to be present.
    6. Keyholders have all day, all-week access with keys and alarm codes but must abide by our “Working Alone Policy”.
    7. A concessionary membership rate of £10 per month is available for those on benefit or in full time education.
    8. The Otley Maker Space reserves the right to withdraw membership at any time. 
  2. We will have a number of sessions in the week during which a Keyholder will be present at the Maker Space.
    1. Details of sessions can be found on our calendar here.
    2. Once a month we run a social session with food and drinks available in the Maker Space.
    3. If non-members are interested in a tour of the Maker Space they will be directed to these sessions.
  3. Pay-As-You-Make (PAYM) will be available to non-members.
    1. PAYM costs £10 for a day with no time limitations.
    2. PAYM visitors may only use the Maker Space if a Keyholder is present.
    3. We do not guarantee that the space will be open outside of our sessions (see 2.1).
    4. If PAYM visitors want to use the space outside of the regular sessions they will need to check on Slack in advance to establish a keyholder will be present.